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July 18, 2024
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By Virginia State Law, Virginia's Right to Work Law Tells Employees That They don't Have To Join a Labor Union in Order to Get a Job Nor Can They Be denied a Job because of Their Participation In a Union
Posted On: Jan 02, 2017

Every where we go we hear that people are afraid to join the Union. Afraid of retaliation, afraid they will loose their jobs or not be able to get a promotion. According to the Code of Virginia, (The Right to Work Law), all of these things are illegal. If you are a public employee, no employer can require that you join or abstain form joining a labor union, nor can that be made a condition of employement. No employer can Harras, retaliate, discriminate or coearse any employee because of their mebership or participation in a Labor Union. These are your rights as a State Employee, The question is will you excercise your rights? Will you join the effort to gain better pay, better working conditions and justice on the job, or will you continue to remain in the shadows while you and your family go lacking? Justice is everybodies buiness. We hope you will join NCPSO in trying to gain a better life for the employees of the Department of Corrections. It takes time, it takes effort and it takes commitment. In the words of Fredick Douglas " Without Sacrafice there is no progress, power concedes nothing without demand, it never has and it never will". If you desire a better furture, a better life and security for your family, you have to work for it.

We hope you will join us on January 18, 2017 at the General Assembly in Richmond VA, for the NCPSO Lobby Day. For more information contact our local office at 804-266-2201 or Donald Baylor at 434-637-1152. 

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