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June 24, 2019
CWA National
CWA Public, Healthcare, and Education Workers

Virginia stands with Wisconsin Workers!
Updated On: Oct 30, 2018

Wisconsin Corrections Officers Marching in Madison Wisconsin

NCPSO/CWA Stands with Wisconsin Workers

Bob McDonnell Stands with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker attacking public workers in Wisconsin and here in Virginia

Governor McDonald would do well to focus on the many broken promises made to Virginia’s State and Public Employees as opposed to giving the thumbs up to Governor Scott Walker from WI scion. The problem of Virginia’s budget did not come due to Public employees being able to bargain in Virginia because in the Commonwealth we have never had that right. The problem with the Virginia Retirement System did not come from Public employees barging rights, it came because of underfunding. The VRS has only been funded six out of the last twenty years. In the 1980’s State Employees were on a defined contribution plan. The State moved to a defined benefit plan. The State promised to pay the employee’s portion of contribution into the system. This was also supposed to offset the fact that employees would no longer receive the cost of living increases that they had been getting. During the 80’s up until now these employees have suffered cuts, pay freezes, layoffs and no increases for years and years, while the retirement system that was supposed to be there for them upon retirement was being underfunded.  Budget crisis came in almost every new administration and again and again these employees had to face cuts, freezes and layoffs to help balance the budget. This all came upon Virginians while its employees neither had nor have they ever had barging rights. Many of those public employees are living at the poverty level.

It would seem to me that any rational thinking person would want the Governor to focus on fair treatment of its public employees who in many cases risk their lives in order to keep Virginians safe.  With this in mind I hardly think it is appropriate for this governor to be giving thumbs up to a State that is trying to take away rights of employees to have a voice in the way they are paid, the benefits they receive or a voice in the condition under which they have to work. 



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